Mistress Misook


On this page you will find a list of frequently asked questions as well as comments on my boundaries.  To save both my time and yours, please do not ask me any questions you can find the answers for on this page.


What are your limits?
No brown showers

No blood play
No requests for nudity or partial nudity
No biting

No smoking
Absolutely no sex offered or implied. That includes no “job” of any kind.


How much notice do you need for booking a session?

Same day booking is only available for repeat clients.  For new clients, at least 48 hours notice is needed.


How long does a session usually last?

The minimum length of session time is one hour. Do not request a half hour session.


How do I book a session with you?
This information can be found on the Booking Sessions page.


Are Double Domme sessions available?
Yes, having another Mistress friend adds more flavor to the scene. 


Do you do outcall sessions?
Outcall sessions may be available to selected repeat clients.


Would you be willing to barter (trade goods or services without monetary compensation) for your sessions?
No, I do not barter my services. 


Can I bring you a gift?
Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated!  Click on the Pamper Me page to find out what I desire.


Do you play with novices?
Yes, BDSM is fun and I love exploring with people new to the BDSM experience!  I love to meet new people and learning is a constant process for us all.